Group Registration

Get shared learning across your team at a discounted rate! Register as a group for APIC 2020 and access the training, networking, and education your team needs to create and implement cohesive IPC practices at your institution.

APIC provides discounted registration rates for organizations registering four or more individuals from the same institution. Registrants must be full conference attendees. Every group of four attendees from the same institution will receive an additional $200 off the group’s registration.

An institution is defined as the same company, organization, or health system. Attendees from multiple facilities may register as a group if those facilities are within the same organization or system. Please note, however, that all group registrations must use only one form of payment for all registration fees. Splitting payments or fees among different payment methods is not allowed for group registrations that are eligible for discounts.

To register as a group:

You will need to complete all registrations at the same time.

  1. Select “Register Someone Else/Group Registration” on the registration page.
  2. Enter the first individual’s registration information. Select “Full Conference Registration.”
  3. Prior to payment, select the “Register Another” button to enter registration information for the next individual.
  4. Continue the process until you’ve registered a minimum of four individuals.
  5. The system will automatically apply the $200 discount to every fourth attendee in the group. (For a group of 4, save $200; for a group of 8, save $400, and so on.)
  6. Process your group registration using a single form of payment.




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